You Get Advanced Features At An Affordable Cost

We are a small company with a low overhead, but with 15 years in the field we know what features are needed and have built them into our products. We have compared our functionality and features, item by item, against those of the major vendors and we have the most features for the best price.

We Configure Our Modules To Fit Your Workflow

For every job we approach, we do a complete workflow analysis. Because we have separate modules for different functions, we can supply and configure the modules to fit your exact workflow. We fit our RIS/PACS to match your workflow, rather than requiring you to change your workflow to match our RIS/PACS.

Our Users Love Our Unrivaled Technical Support

Each support call is answered directly by a qualified technician, ready and able to solve your question or problem within an hour. Fewer than 1% of support calls relate to problems with our software. Most calls relate to networking, power, or training issues. In these cases, we still stay on the problem until it is solved.

What's New And Improved At Connect Imaging
  • Our Dashboard web site provides remote access for monitoring and configuration of PACSCore modules.
  • ViewBox Advanced offers extensive configuration, in-place MPR, automatic hanging of prior studies using DICOM Hanging Protocol standard.